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$ 1,680
  • Website Creation and Development: Specialized eCommerce design using WooCommerce (or preferred eCommerce platform).
  • Landing Pages: Creation of 5 tailored landing pages to showcase products, services, or campaigns.
  • Stock Photos: A selection of ten premium stock photos suitable for the industry.
  • Support: Premium 7 days of post-launch support, including troubleshooting and minor updates.
  • Client Content: Integration of organic content and photographs provided by the client.
  • Ecommerce Features: Integration of payment gateways, cart functionality, and basic product setup.
  • Added Value:Domain acquisition and a year of premium hosting.
  • Adaptive (responsive) design optimized for mobile and tablet devices.
  • Content curation and initial SEO setup for improved visibility.
  • Note: 70 products


$ 1,900
  • Website Creation and Development: Advanced eCommerce design with enhanced features and customizations.
  • Landing Pages: Creation of seven purpose-driven landing pages.
  • Stock Photos: A selection of ten high-quality stock photos.
  • Support: Extended fifteen days of post-launch premium support.
  • Social Media: Seamless integration with Facebook and Instagram for product postings and ads.
  • Client Content: Integration of organic content and photographs.
  • Ecommerce Features: Advanced product listing options, coupon system setup, and user account management.
  • Added Value: Domain acquisition and a year of premium hosting with increased bandwidth and storage.
  • Adaptive (responsive) design with faster load times.
  • Note: 100 products


$ 2,400
  • Website Creation and Development: Top-tier, fully customized eCommerce design with interactive features.
  • Landing Pages: Creation of 10 bespoke landing pages, each tailored to specific products or campaigns.
  • Stock Photos: A selection of fifteen premium stock photos, handpicked for the business.
  • Support: Full one month of post-launch support with priority response.
  • Social Media: Integration with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, with automated posting features.
  • Google Analytics: Full setup and integration to monitor and analyze website traffic.
  • Client Content: Integration of organic content and photographs.
  • Media: Creation of a ten second two D promotional video with library music; includes two custom images.
  • Ecommerce Features: Complete suite including abandoned cart recovery, wishlists, and loyalty program setup.
  • Added Value: Domain acquisition and a year of ultra-premium hosting with advanced security features.
  • State-of-the-art mobile response design.
  • Expert content curation, SEO master plan, and ongoing keyword optimization.


Title Hover Effect

Increase your Results with Graphic Design Services

It takes a commitment to make major investments in a company.
ROI does not happen without risk.
We know and understand what it means to put dollars in the line to
present your business in the best light for your customers.
It is our promise to give you the best we have to offer, to offer you the assurance that you have people who care at your side.